What I believe

‘I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions’ (Stephen Covey)

1. We should do absolutely everything we can to push students as far as they can go. Absolutely no excuses.

2. There is never an acceptable time to give up on a student.

3. The only barriers to student progress are the ones we allow to exist.

4. Students can become more intelligent and, irrespective of whether you believe this, we must act accordingly.

5. Teaching is a drug and the best teachers keep going back for more.

6. The best teachers are those that are most passionate and most enthusiastic. They never give up.

7. Every teacher needs a great mentor. Teaching is a collective responsibility.

8. The biggest impact upon student attainment is the teacher that stands in front of them. You raise attainment by improving the quality of these teachers.

9. CPD must be exceptional. Teachers must leave knowing how to be better teachers.

10. Improving outcomes involves improving  five aspects of teaching: subject knowledge, teaching strategies, an understanding of assessment requirements, vision and reflective thinking.

11. Great staff have great ideas, let them get on with implementing them and never say no.

12. Outstanding lessons involve challenging and realistic outcomes, well-matched provision, opportunities to assess outcome achievement and responding to this assessment.

13. The impact is more important than the provision.

14. Teachers must walk around and watch others. Leaders must incentivise staff to do this. If your stuck for an idea, the solution is probably in the room next door.

15. ‘Hard to reach’ parents perceive ‘hard to reach’ schools

16. A spiral model of learning is that which is most effective.

17. We must encourage students to make links between everything that they learn, across all subjects.

18. Homework can have a dramatic impact on a child’s education, but only if done right.


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