Jeremy’s little red book

Everywhere Jeremy Corbyn goes he has his red manifesto in his hands. I’ve not seen another politician holding and pointing to their manifesto as much as him.

This partly explains why he his doing so much better in this campaign than so many predicted. He really gets what campaigning is about, he is campaigning for the mandate to implement exactly what is in that little red book. He believes he has clear ideas, clear costings and that his job is to sell them to the British people. This is why he has better answers to questions, his TV appearances are better and why the mishap on Women’s hour doesn’t seem to have affected him.

It’s really working. Many feel that they have something robust to vote for and that it is clearly different to the alternative.

To transfer campaigning success to voting success he must keep pointing at that manifesto and really hammer home what it says. His appearance on the BBC debate tonight is the next great opportunity.

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